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How it all started
Garage specialization in the Greater Seattle Area.

Garages by Ghorbani specializes in garage makeovers and organization. As we all know, garages in today's world play a much bigger role — be it better storage, workspace, hobbies, game rooms, home gyms, man caves, and all other warm spaces.

As I started making improvements in my own garage, I quickly realized that it was fun for me and I felt I was good at it. I had figured out a better layout to maximize space and accommodate my wife, our two daughters, and myself. That experience helped me realize that hiring separate contractors for each need (flooring, electrical, paint...) would require a lot of coordinating and project management. So I decided to start a company that specializes in the garage and can offer all the needed services to make the best of the experience, and maximize space!

So, that said, whatever your garage's size, we've got the knowledge and tools to make it more functional and neat for you. We start right from how you use the space and we work with you to zone and maximize it accordingly. With custom installations such as overhead shelving, epoxy floors, cabinets, lighting, work benches, drywall and insulation, and much more, your garage becomes exactly as you want.

Garge remodeler in Seattle.

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